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The Ashish Poddar Story

Growing up in the bustling kitchen of my family’s ancestral house, cooking has always been second nature to me. My father was never big on sauces or fancy garnishes, but he knew his way around the pot and ladle. His dishes were simple, yet sophisticated. But as for me, what he served on our dinner table was often love made visible.

It’s been many years now, and that wide-eyed boy, who would patiently sit on the kitchen counter-top to get the first whiff of a dish, has certainly come a long way: Chef'd Club has made its apperance on CNA Radio,,, - Culinary connections ,, as well as ardent blogger on Instagram like frootlupe, and shiyin_t. Sure enough, living in a culinary paradise like Singapore, has had its impact. 

Whilst the simmering food culture of the island city-state continues to mature on its own, my own experiments with cooking entails flavours that infuse progressive Asian to Modern Indian with inclusion of molecular gastronomy and wine pairing.  Although the buzzword here is authenticity, Chef'd club takes immense pride having "invented" several dishes that are commercially not available. Expectations at the dinner table are always high.

Perhaps cooking connects me to all my senses, makes me feel rooted, and allows me to use my ingenuity in a different way. Or maybe, I simply love that feeling of being muscle-tired in front of the kitchen hob, not just brain fatigued at the end of the day.

It all starts in my mind. I visualize countless combinations before narrowing it down to a unique recipe. I believe it is this new spin of flavor that makes my dishes gastronomically gratifying. 

So guys, go on and dig in...