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11-Mar, 2022

Value proposition – It is all about the entire dining experience- Food, glassware, flatware, dinnerware, and of course never the least - Service! A feeling that is not only satisfying when you are heading back - happy, but at the same time fulfilling as you can eventually conclude that you spent your money right!

Let me share with you how this all starts – I get a call or an email from a guest asking if we have a slot. Could be a dinner date, kaki (friends) catching up, or a very private exclusive dining for a family – at home or onboard your own personal yacht. E.g.- birthdays! Admittedly I am tired today, but nothing stops me from writing this, given I am all energized with the feedback I got from last night’s dinner. you would have already guessed the outcome.

Just to ensure I managed expectations right, it’s very important to understand 1. # Of pax, 2. Date/time 3. Budget 4. Likes/dislikes in terms of meal/dietary preference. The nature of the request also varies from special to very-special events. It is all very valuable information for us to understand so that we can do a stellar job with the packaging- after all, anyone will be looking for a bang-for-the-buck! Based on the above fast facts, if I may, is where I send a host of select cuisine pics from my library for the customer to choose from. Call us a show-off and it won’t hurt as these are our food shots in the best situations. We narrow down anything ranging from minimum 4 to max 6 dishes, for a max of up to 10 pax if this was in fine-dine style.

Step 1- Setting the stage: What steals the initial to begin this “experience” is a beautifully curated formal menu; you would now appreciate why each menu is unique. We must establish one important point at this juncture – if the occasion Is really special like an anniversary, wine pairing is strongly recommended. While this might boast a hefty price, the experience with each dish is tantalizing as the unique taste of each wine cuts across pairing. It’s an almost instant delight- If you haven’t tried it yet, this is highly recommended.

Step 2- Dining experience set up: The next is the actual prep, plating, and service. This is the part that is not only orderly & prescribed but also needs to be well demonstrated. From setting up the tableware to dinnerware, and flatware, to the vases with lily blooms, or soft fragrant soy candles, the glam journey leaves guests in awe- expect silver/24-carat gold/ platinum rims, Limoges porcelain, fine crystal, or patented stoneware, this step is where creativity abounds. As a chef, I must admit, the “meal-flow” is strategically planned, where the first and the last dish are likely to be the winners- for lack of words, let us just call it a trump card. Dishes are very carefully thought through, as the backdrop is a very well-planned journey in terms of flavor, balance, and texture. So, we go full flavor but low spice levels with starters and entrée, where the dining experience takes flight. When you are in course #3 or 4, where expectations are still high, but likely to plateau. This is where the dessert eventually cuts through literally racing through “pure” satisfaction through your pulses, to end the experience. So far, it’s not a make-it-or-break-it situation ever; Desserts have always ended on a high @Chef’d club dinners. That’s our expectation.

How the sauce is plated or is poured via a sauceboat, cutting through a croquette, unleashing the wraps where you love those flavorful whiffs, simmering crispy buttered vegetable or prawns as it lands in a soup are just some examples where again diners will never stop taking pictures, or videos, as they experience almost something magical.

Step 3- Meal Journey and Closure- We ensure questions around each course are answered to the chef’s best ability, and we have been more than happy to share some of our secrets behind some amazing preparations, if not all . Like some guests already put it jokingly - there’s no point as it will never taste the same should they attempt to emulate the same dish in their kitchen.

We respect the privacy the guests need, allowing them to consume their meal quietly, soaking in those moments, enjoying the experience, and only handling questions after each round of consumption. Yes, the first 30-second pitch applies, as guests wait patiently to hear from the Chef of all the journey behind making each of those amazing dishes. These are “our” best moments of the respect we get from our guests where everyone is silent.

While this is very essential in the dining journey, I am often reminded that Chef’d club has that edge, and it’s not that common - not everyone is a storyteller, and in other instances the Chefs have likely gone wrong, thinking it’s only the food the customer has paid for?

So, to conclude, that’s how dining journeys are packaged to client expectations. What levers we pull is often a function of what the guest wants to achieve, so a two-way conversation before the event date, within a week of planning leads to fantastic results.

Why Chef’d Club? - 1. We curate the dining experience to your needs. The Last one was themed black and silver, so upon clients’ request, from menu (silver) to crystal water glasses (black), to fine steel flatware (silver), to sauceboats (black swan) and platinum rimmed plates (silver), and placemats (blackish gold) - it was all a hue of black and white. Scintillating!

2. Surprise and Delight – Like one of my best buddies once stated- Make sure you stay focused on that one thing- Food! The rest will follow. Our unique strength comes from the powerhouse of innovation. Be prepared to experience dishes you have never experienced before. This is besides the fact that every ingredient that goes into the making is premium or organic or both.

The delight part moves to the next level with impeccable service that we have consistently delivered for “all” dinners to date. We have conviction it is well earned.

3. A similar dinner with all the above parameters could easily cost you a minimum of SGD 200-250$. Chef’d club brings opulence with most meals under or around 200$ a pax for a 5-6 course meal with the complete experience. We emphasize premium dining experiences.

So, if you need a reason to celebrate, and if you appreciate a full-service dining experience, please book your tables early for your exclusive private chef service and leave the rest to us. You could make a reservation at or WhatsApp us @9670 9453.


Our motto:  At Chef’d club it’s our hope that our food will be remembered.